"A Powerful Tool That Will Enhance The End Users Capabilities To Do What They Do Best, Protect And Serve."

VSP provides the necessary real-time actionable intelligence to assist officers in keeping the public safe, a force multiplier. The system is designed to accept input from other data sources that will continually enhance the product and the end user’s capabilities. VSP transforms a police officer’s vehicle into a true virtual partner that is always working, always watching and alerting. This will change the way first responders deploy their assets, respond to incidents, and enhance patrol effectiveness.

Videos Of Our System

The Integration of Lidar into the Virtual Surveillance Partner - (VSP) Delivers an Incredible Capability to Alert Officers of Possible Danger with Custom Zone Sizes and Alerts.

(VSP) Lidar Fused with Video Analytics and AI to Increase Range, Accuracy, and Reliability.

Lidar Enabled