Meet Our Team

The 6 WATCH team has one mission, providing a technology solution to keep first responders safe and enhance their capabilities in the field.
Our collective experience and backgrounds in public safety, video analytics, mobile technology, and intelligence are the foundation for our company. Our passion is our fuel!

Eric Gahagan


Eric retired from the Mass. State Police in 2016 after 23 years of service, 18 as a Bomb Technician and 3-time Explosive Detection K9 handler. With over 3,000 bomb-related responses from dignitary protection to terrorist attack response. In 2015, he founded OPS15, a network, of experienced first responders that provide expertise and training to agencies and companies around the globe. OPS15 developed innovative security by deploying mobile X-Ray systems, detection K9’s, and experienced operators offering protection previously unavailable in the private sector. In 2017, Eric formed 6 WATCH with a team of progressive thinkers where a new product and capability stands to change the way first responders do the important work of protecting others. Eric is also the owner and President of Render Safe Solutions, a Counter IED think tank, and product developer.

Tom Provencher


Tom spent more than 23 years in the pharmaceutical industry leading complex global organizations including IT, Regulatory, Compliance, and Clinical Development. During his time in pharma, Tom used his change management and analytical skills to translate complex, technical strategies into simple terms that could be effectively implemented and sustained. Tom transitioned from Pharma to the entertainment industry where, as COO, he led one of the most prestigious business management firms in Los Angeles. Here, Tom made a meaningful and lasting impact on the business and its employees ultimately resulting in its sale. Today, Tom pursues his passion for philanthropy, continuous learning, and innovation by partnering and advising founders and leaders of small companies and startups. Tom holds a degree in Chemical Engineering from Villanova University and a variety of other achievements including being an Ironman and 9-time qualifier for USA Triathlon Age Group Nationals.

Mike Tiberio


US Air Force veteran with 24 years of experience providing infrastructure, data center, telecommunications, disaster recovery planning, and cyber security technology in multi-billion dollar financial companies.

Robert Roeger


Robert began his professional career as a commercial glass installer with Boston Glazer Union local 1044. In 2000 Robert started founded Global Glass Works LLC. A successful glass business specializing in Residential/Commercial glazing and construction.  Robert sold Global Glass Works LLC. in 2010 and started his second company, Bob Roeger Glass LLC.   While maintaining a successful and thriving glass business Robert embarked upon a new business venture in automobile safety and co-invented a vehicle side collision avoidance system. In 2012 Robert co-founded Klear-View Camera LLC. which holds the US, Canada, and International patents for the Klear-View - Side Collision Avoidance Camera System.  In 2018, Robert branched out again and became a founding partner 6 Watch INC. which developed a lidar assisted 360-degree threat detection system for public safety vehicles.

Eric Lizotte


Eric has spent over 20 years working with capital equipment for both security and industrial automation. Eric has led and managed offshore teams and has used his diverse engineering and technical experience to design, produce and deliver new products as well as expand capabilities on existing products. Eric has played key roles in the development and rollout of processes which was focused on lean design and manufacturing as well as agile development methodologies, allowing for increased employee engagement accountability. Today, Eric continues to pursue his passion for new technology and product development by sharing knowledge, design principals and investigation of new technologies.

Ted Schnackertz


Ted is a software director and architect for AEI in Wilmington, MA. He is a proven developer, leader and architect with over 20 years of experience delivering commercial applications for capital equipment companies.  He is adept at discovering and employing best practices and architectural patterns to design durable and extensible solutions. He is a strong agile leader who emphasizes team collaboration and ownership. Ted is currently helping AEI build a highly effective software team, expand their product offerings and transition the software from custom applications to configurable but standard product line.

Daniel Roeger


Dan is a multi-talented visual design professional with extensive art production skills and experience creating CG graphics for multiplatform productions, specializing in design and production of 2D and 3D graphics for mobile apps, videos, and interactive AR & VR experiences. A twenty-year veteran of the computer graphics industry whose career started as a 3D artist working for the renown racing simulation company Papyrus, the makers of NASCAR and IndyCar racing games.  Dan then joined ATI Technologies and Advanced Micro Devices on their 3D Application Research Groups.  There he designed and created advanced real-time graphics demos and short animations which were used to showcase the company’s latest technology and graphics research.  Contributing to over twenty cutting-edge demos, animations, and interactive AR experiences often featured at CES, SIGGRAPH, and product launch events. Dan currently works on creating visuals for various commercial projects and as the Creative Director at 6 WATCH Inc.

Jason Dinsmore


Jason has spent the last 18 years in the telecommunications and electronics industries where he has managed security installation teams, designed and installed physical and wireless infrastructures. Jason specializes in decreasing the amount of downtime companies face on critical systems to increase productivity and minimize cost and downtime. Jason continuously follows his passion in researching and developing cutting edge technologies for life safety.