Virtual Surveillance Partner

Lidar Assisted 360 Degree threat detection and alert system for public safety vehicles

6 WATCH has created a product integrating the latest in mobile and video technology
with dual detection capabilities and threat identification analytics.


Live look at VSP1 car in Quanergy booth #9000. Stop in and check it out 6 Watch's - VSP Virtual Surveillance Partner "LIVE"!


Automated, real-time, 360-degree tracking and alerting of movement around your vehicle

VSP watches your surroundings utilizing a 360 degree Lidar/Video dual technology with custom software and anomaly detection analytics. VSP serves as a set of “eyes” that never close, constantly searching for anomalies and potential threats providing public safety professionals with an early warning alert and tracking of identified persons or vehicles.

Your Virtual partner
Customize your VSP to focus on a specific area and decide how you chose to receive alerts.

Watching Your Surroundings At All Times.

VSP never has its head down, is not concerned with writing out a speeding ticket, or scrolling through data on an MDT.
VSP is designed to “WATCH YOUR SIX” while you do your job.


Lidar and Video Analytic Detection

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“6 WATCH is providing the tools to change the way public safety professionals protect themselves and the public, this is a game changer”

Eric Gahagan
6 Watch President and 23 year Trooper (retired),
Massachusetts State Police
  • Integrated Lidar Technology from Quanergy


Virtual Surveillance

An early warning system powered by the latest in lidar technology from Quanergy, working in conjunction with custom video analytics software. We’ve got you covered - in 360 degrees.

Integrated Technology

Lidar combined with AI work together to increase range and accuracy. The 360 degrees of coverage with lasers and high definition cameras ensures detection of threats in all weather conditions. When fused together, reliability and real-time decision making intelligence provides the end user with tools that will change the way public safety professionals protect us and themselves.

Advanced Annalytics
360 Degree Coverage
Adjustable Zone Distances